4 Tips to Prohibit Summer Foodborne Illness for Restaurants

by | Jun 27, 2019 | Blog | 0 comments

Food poisoning and contamination occurs almost triple the number of times in the summer time than other seasons of the year. The warm and moist conditions of the summer make it easy for bacterial growth and habitation. Not to mention, the increasing number of insects and parasites that are also part of what we deal with on a daily bases. However, there are a couple things you can do in order to prohibit or atleast minimize the occurrence of food contamination and poisoning in your restaurant. Here, I have listed 4 easy tips in order to keep your food fresh and safe:

#1) Follow Protocols: Foods like milk, dairy products, eggs, meat, poultry, fish, shellfish, melons, cut leafy greens and soy protein are a part of the TCS foods groups, which need Time and Temperature control for safety. As a result, monitoring the temperature of these foods and the length of time they are sitting out of the freezer is very important.

#2) Regulate Storage Temperatures: Try to ask your employees to limit their walk-ins into the freezers, since the freezer is damaged easily by frequent entrances. Also, teach your staff about the recommended temperatures and how to regulate the temperatures. Last but not least, ask an HVAC technician to check and update your freezer in order to minimize the risk of a sudden crisis and a huge amount of food waste.

#3) Quick Food Preparation: Try to keep food outside of the fridge for as little time as possible, so that the temperature of the food stays at a degree that is safe. You must train your kitchen staff in order to prepare food in a timely manner. One way that can also help with not leaving foods out of the fridge for too long, would be to ask your employees to avoid multitasking and prepare one food at a time.

#4) Pest Control: One of the worse things about the hot weather is the pest, bugs, and insects that come with it. Other than the obvious professional control and inspection you should do for your restaurant, ensure that your employees keep all doors closed at all times and are extremely careful with their food preparation.

**PS. I suggest you make a check list of these tips I just provided and tick off the ones you have actually done. This way you’ll keep yourself on track with your progress AND make sure that you have done all that you could have to prevent the occurrence of summer foodborne illness.