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Ever looked at a food picture and thought to yourself ‘how did they make this look SO good?’ Or maybe you noticed how the pictures you have on your restaurant’s social media accounts and website don’t really do justice to how amazing your food really looks? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I can assure you that by making the changes and considering the following factors mentioned by this post, your food photography skills will be elevated! And you will finally get to show the beauty and ‘glory’ of your restaurant’s food on social media.

Now, before I talk about HOW and WHY these factors should be considered for your food photography, I want to mention that these factors are ordered according to their importance and effect on improving the ‘buzz’ frequency of your photo

One of the first and outmost important things you need to consider when taking a photo is the lighting of the setting. Not even the most pretty or professional presentation can top the importance and effect that having good lighting for your photo would have! But, more importantly having natural lighting specifically is the best resource and delivers the best result. So, try to take pictures of your food items beside a window, where there is natural lighting available.

Making sure that you know what angle is the angle that shows your food’s most photogenic side is key to making sure that your food photo will get the buzz it truly deserves. Below you can find the suggestions from our experts for different types of foods and their ‘best’/ photogenic angle:
Pizza: top view
Burgers: Side view
Sushi: Side view
Rice Platter: Top view

Colour Conscious
Being colour conscious is another one of those often overlooked facts about food photography. For example, if you are trying to advertise a salad, you need to make sure that the salad’s ingredients are inclusive of things other than ‘greens’. Topping off a salad with yellow sweet peppers, purple cabbage, or even some straw berries and blue berries, are some easy additions you can try-out.
Of course, what toppings and how you can enhance your colour presentation of food depends on the specific food itself. In fact, in my post about Trendy food toppings, I provide some great insight about how you can add that extra kick to your food photo, by making the smallest changes to what you include on the plate.

Plates and Backdrop
Obviously the plate and backdrop of your photo also adds to how nice the picture looks. It is often best to try and keep a colourful back drop for your pictures but not too busy, especially for side-view pictures, as the busyness would serve as a distraction rather than an aesthetic addition. Also, these days using white simple plates, gold and steel cutlery, along with a marble top table is what is really getting a buzz on social media.