About Us

Why Us?

Because we make sure you’re receiving the Buzz your buzziness truly deserves

RestoBuzz is one of the first marketing companies that is solely dedicated to the marketing of Toronto Food Services and Restaurants

Doing business isn’t personal, but we make it personal!

We offer plans that are:


The Duct Tape Marketing strategy used by RestoBuzz is one of the most effective and recognized marketing techniques today, as it considers not only practical publicizing and the basics, but also digital tools and software that can help your business grow



We offer a range of options and packages that would match your specific needs with regards to a marketing strategy.


We understand that growing a business can be tough and that money is always and unexceptionally a major concern. This is why we provide a variety or flexible plans specifically tailored for your business needs. So you don’t have to pay the cost for services you don’t need, but still improve the soundness of your Buzziness.


Our team of content creators and copywriters don’t just perform tasks, but are passionately driven and dedicated to growing your business through the production of creative content and marketing strategies.

We think you’re Buzz-worthy!