Father’s day promotions your restaurant should have!

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This father’s day you can make sure that your restaurant is one of the top choices on people’s ‘to-go’ lists, by choosing to make the right promotions and marketing strategies. This post will tell you what you should focus on and how you can use this occasion to bring in more customers.

Steak and Beer Promotions:

There are two things that men love and those are meat and beer. Having these two favorites promoted on your menu would trigger those ‘manly’ senses and customers’ appetite, while it would implicitly show that you know exactly what your customers need! If you don’t serve steak on your menu, you can promote your barbeque offerings or foods that are grilled and served. For example, a grilled charcoal burger or even grilled veggies and cobs. A barbeque item will create the illusion of having a barbeque outside.

Father and Son deal combos:

Deal combos or special discounts will ease your kitchen’s expectations about upcoming orders and let them plan ahead, but also satisfy your customers through the money they save. You can also have appetizer and drink specials, which would offer the best of both worlds (drinks and meaty appetizers) for visitors.

Father’s day Gift Cards: 

Having a father’s day gift card would help you increase sales, by enabling the people who can’t make it to the restaurant or pub, still purchase their meal and encourage their next visit to your store. Have a 5-10$ discount on every 50$ gift card purchased, but make sure that the gift cards have an expiry date of about a month. This way you make sure that the customer comes back to the restaurant sooner rather than later.

Complementary Prizes

You don’t have to give direct discounts on foods and gift cards. In fact, another great way to encourage visits is to include a complementary prize, such as a Best Father trophy, mug, or even a T-shirt, for every father’s day dinner menu/specials purchase. All of the mentioned prizes can be prepared for a cost of as low as a dollar or two, but could raise your sales and increase customer experience ratings by more than 200%.

A ‘Manly’ slogan:

Finding the right catchy phrase for a marketing campaign is hard. But, when there is an occasion, such as father’s day, remember to focus on what’s meant to be celebrated. For father’s day, a manly slogan or one that emphasizes the love of fatherhood/manhood is really what could catch people’s attention. Be creative. Some slogans our experts have come up with are:

 “This time it’s your turn to say: Dinner is on me! Treat Dad to a …”
“We serve superhero food—join us with your all time favourite hero”
“This father’s day specials include superhero foods”

Think you’ll find difficulty executing these promotions or need advice with future campaigns? Contact us and get the Buzz you truly deserve.