Basic Marketing Packages

We all have to start somewhere and there are no quick fixes. Our basic marketing packages provide preliminary marketing strategies and repairs that can increase your business awareness and sales results by more than double your current standings.

Combo Packages

Accelerate and get the best of all services through the combo packages offered by RestoBuzz. This way you can have the perfect sandwich with the right matching side! Because you shouldn’t have to choose.


Whether your just beginning or have been around the corner for a while, do you know that answer to these questions: What is your restaurant’s specialty? What does your business truly advocate? What is the one thing that customers love about your services? Our experts help you promote the brand you really want to be known for and represent your vision in the most accurate and creative way

Social Media

Whether you’re on your phone or on a PC, you would not forget to check your Social Media account. Facebook, Instagram, twitter..and etc. We know how to get the most out of your account and how to manage a constantly growing account.