Combo Packages

Because you CAN buzz the loudest and SAVE money

Obviously, having single packages, which focus on specific goals can help your business immensely or as you would say “satisfy your hunger and cravings”. However, just as you have combo menu options for hamburgers and pizzas or lunch specials that are served during specific times,we too offer combos for our valued customers, who may want a side and a drink added to their meal–for the ultimate marketing feast/boost!

Combo Package #1(basic)

This combination is one of our most basic offerings and enables you to enjoy a taste of our top two services, while you save money. We suggest it for all restaurants, as it provides some of the necessary preliminary steps to successful restaurant marketing.

Combo Package #2(Intermediate)

Our Combo Package #2 offers the local foundations and reputation management included with Combo #1, but with an addition of Social Media Management for your companies’ social media profiles, which are increasingly effective and referred to by consumers–especially in the food services industry. This plan focuses on the enhancement of local foundations, while it additionally provides improvements and the services listed below:

Engagement Insights and Statistics Management 

Content Creation 

Creation of Social Media Profiles such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

Scheduling Weekly Posts

Combo Package #3


This package is the ultimate accelerated growth plan for your business. It includes the local foundations and social media management offered by package B, along with additional outreach services that are provided exclusively at RestoBuzz. These services include:

Influencer reach-out

a new approach to the use of word-of-mouth. An influencer’s referral reaches thousands of fans, who not only trust the source, but also follow his/her suggestions.

Blog Post Feature

you will be featured on our blog’s list of recommended restaurants, where readers will be provided with our professional feedback and review of your restaurant–providing credible and authentic reviews about your restaurant’s food tastes, aesthetics, and service.

Media Kit/Branding

Re-vamping your restaurant’s identity, look, and professionalism

Newsletter Feature

your restaurant will be featured and referred to on our Monthly Newsletters, which further publicizes your restaurant to the passionate food critics and enthusiasts that have subscribed to our services.