Local Foundations: An Introduction

Essentials/ Local Foundations

Local foundations are focused on local businesses and specifically tailored to the culture, demands, and expectations of your consumers. In the initial phase of Local Foundations, the goal is to strive excellence in the areas listed below:

Local Website Audit

a critical revision of factors that affect your website’s organic rankings, such as local presence and Facebook analysis.

Local SEO Audit

Here, we check everything that influences the indexability of your web pages, such as duplicated content problems, your website’s accessibility on different devices, and security settings of your server.

Google My Business Optimization

Often referred to as one of the most important online profile for businesses, we make sure that your My business profile on Google is highly ranked and qualified

Directory and Citation Clean up

Having consistent and correct citations is necessary for any successful business. Inaccurate information is misleading and leads to a loss of costumers.

Local Foundations Phase II:

The second phase of local foundations package includes the maintenance and extension of the adjustments and improvements we make in the first phase of local foundations.

More specifically, the second phase focuses on:

Amplifying your local and industrial directories

>>>>helping you grow and expand your business to other areas

Editing and reviewing the performance of your social profiles

Making sure that your business receives up-to-date reviews, which are organic and positive